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The program is written to assist in the selection of the optimal doses to use in a bioassay that involves binary (e.g., dead vsREFERENCE These software programs are discussed in the book,Bioassays with Arthropods, Second Edition, by Jacqueline Robertson, Robert MEugene SavinThe three contributions topare estimated separatelyAn HTML help file is built in for easy word search and definitions.The program is available for Windows and MacIntosh operating systemsPoloMulti does the work of PoloJR but extends it to binary response models with multiple explanatory variablesThe end product can also be exported to excel for individual graphing needsThe code is more streamlined and can be run on personal computers supporting Windows 7, 8, 10, and MacOS operating systemsBuy yours today! $ 295.00 $ 395.00 Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin it 0 Fancy +1 Newsletter More Products LeOra Statistical support - 1 - hour $ 120.00 View Product LeOra Statistical support - 5 hours $ 500.00 View Product LeOra Statistical Support - 10 hours $ 900.00 View Product Third, the residuals are displayed in plots for identification of sources of lack-of-fit to the probit or logit modelFinally, the chi-square test statistic is calculated.We updated this module to remove parameter files,include a chi-square table for hypothesis testing, andadded graphing potential.OptiDose is a program designed specifically for the study of dose placement and sample size for any dose that would cause mortality greater than zero and less then 100%The graphs have been updated, and laborious steps for creating individual parameter files for PoloMix have been removedThe results of the bioassay can then be analyzed by PoloPlusThe software was called PoloPC, and it was written in the ancient language of FortranPoloSuite PoloSuite - four statistical modules in one software packageRussell, Haiganoush Preisler, and NThe software was later updated to PoloPlus software written in CFourth, a fitted response curve for each preparation can be plotted.Data can now be entered directly into the program rather than loading it as a text fileThey provide an efficient means to use a single experiment to test the significance of more than one variable (such as dose) on responseYou will have the option to upgrading your software immediately for $50 or wait until your license is going to expire and purchase the new version thenAVAILABILITY All four programs are contained on a single electronic fileThe newest version of the software was written in Java by a team of 5 programmers with a passion for quantitative analyses and problem solvingORDERING You can order by any one of the following methods: Use shopify by clicking onthe pay now button If you need to renew, email me for special discount code for additional $$ off your renewal1

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